Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life is a ZIP...

You know that when Patsy and Frank are around, no one is going to get bored! The first day, we were all out golfing, yesterday, we were out on the motorcycles all day, today????

Well, today Life is a ZIP! Frank and Patsy have been doing some Zip Lining...and they wanted to introduce us to it! Why not! While I was a bit tenitive about going on this tour at first, I am now happy I did. It is a blast... take a look.


Above Frank is loading up onto the People Transporter... we were out near the Town of St. Cloud, Fla. It was a 15 minute drive out to the zip lines...

Mandy was driving this thing just like it was her Honda Civic!

This Company is all about your safety, so the first thing is to get suited up to Zip! A full body harness prepares you for the zip...

Lots of instructions are given before you get to the zip lines, here Judy is being used as the example!

No elavators here... you have to climp up the 160 stairs to the top of the first tower.

Judy and Patsy enjoying the view from the top of the tower... think of this! Five years ago, Judy was so scared of open stairs, you would have never got her up this tower... not now! Fear is no factor for her!

Patsy is all set to let her rip above... you really moved on these things.... check out the video I took below of Patsy on her zip!

You get a real buzz as you zip along!

Here I am above, making another safe landing! We made of total of 8 ZIPS around the Park, and it took a little over 2 hours to complete the course.

Check out this video of Frank launching into his ZIP.

There are now different type of zip lining you can do and this place is all set up for it, including a new Roller Coaster Zip that looked like a lot of fun!


Sure... everyone had a big smile on their face when we got back onto the ground, with the ending picture with one of our guides! Had a BLAST and would do it again!

Being that Frank and Patsy introduced us to Zip Lining today, Judy and I introduced them to Golden Corral this evening! No one went away hungry!

Phew... what a day... I need a vacation! Don't worry, not done yet this week!

Till tomorrow...



  1. No way!!! I repeat No way!!! I was never afraid of heights till about 5 years ago. Now I get weak-kneed just thinking about this.

  2. Great to see you guys are having a good time.........all the best


  3. Now I've seen everything! Great videos of you Zippers!!

    What next? Skydiving??

  4. zippety do da!..great fun for all!!!

  5. You are just having way too much fun! But thats why you are here, kwwo on going.