Saturday, December 8, 2012

Florida gets invaded by Ontario!

Yes, more Ontario visitors to Florida... Frank and Patsy made their way to Winter Haven this afternoon! Great to have them here!

Frank is gently guiding his Keystone 5th Wheel into slot 15, right beside us! They stayed the last few days up in St. Augistine, Florida. The weather here is much better, and they were delighted when it hit 80 deg. F. this afternoon with the sun out! Perfect!


So today was also Patsy's 28th birthday, so we had a big celebration tonight... Judy whipped up a great big pot of Chili that we all just dug into!

We spent the afternoon just enjoying the sun, sitting outside talking to the neighbours! Great time!

Lots of plans for next week!

Till tomorrow...



  1. So fun when friends show up to be neighbors. Our good friends from BC showed up this afternoon and were so happy to see sun after all the rain they've had.

  2. Happy 28th birthday to Patsy! Hope she enjoyed her day.

  3. The photo with the Ford truck backing a 5th wheel looks like an F-150. If so, the 5th wheel must be a short, lightweight, unit.

    The Ontarians are part of the large snowbirding invasion to Florida. Sounds like great fun!

  4. Always nice to vivit with old friends and make new ones. Florida is so close to Ontario too so will be a good place to go.

  5. I thought most of the Ontario visitors were here in the Rio Grande Valley.

  6. Happy 28th to Patsy! Hope they turned out the lights when they left Ontario!!