Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time to check in with the Family...

You know when you wake up in the morning and it is almost 70 deg. F. that it is going to be a nice day! Today was another beautiful day, and I think it hit just over 80 deg. by this afternoon, with plenty of sun to go around for everyone. Florida is getting a A+ in the weather department so far this winter, that is for sure!

So, thanks to all the modern technology that we travel with, let's check in with the Family tonight to see what is happening around North America...

Well, in the heart of Florida, Judy, was out riding her steel horse around out in the sunshine... yes that is a lot of blue sky above her, and as you can see, no snowsuit needed here!


Mickey was keeping an eye on Judy as she made her way around the neighbourhood...

now lets move up to south western Ontario, and there is little Gwenny all dressed up in purple today it seems, with a great big smile on her face... but she is not outside... only looking out through the window it seems...Note the dog (Cali) is sitting behind her, so that tells me maybe it was just not a great day outside... it can be hit and miss in Ontario this time of year! Received a few more pics of her today...

Above she has her hair all in a knot... and she is flashing her ivories for us all... yup it is Gwenny, she is always happy!

I don't see any snow tires on her little car toy here, so must be for inside use only, as she plays peek-a-boo with the camera... thanks for sending the pics Kristina!

Now thanks to Facebook, lets fly over to the far reaches of Eastern Ontario and the Nations Capitol. HHHMMMMMMMM..... seems we have a bit of a problem.... seems to be a lot of grey sky, and a bunch of white stuff on the ground...YES, that is Dr. Shawn posing with Paige and Emmie, and some other guy, I think his name is Frosty! Last year, Shawn and the kids built a snowman, and some how, during one night, Frosty moved over to the other side of the yard, and just about freaked out poor little Emmie! It must have been Magic! We will have to see if this year, Frosty goes on the move again or not! Jenn is missing from this picture, but I am assuming she was the photographer.


  1. Following your blog clearly showed the nice weather you have had in Florida. Then again, that's why you are there.

    Always nice to connect with family back home in snowy Ontario.

  2. Gwenny is sure growing what a cute...the three of them are cute...glad I'm not in Ontario...or NB....nice to be here in the south just looking at the snow pictures isn't it...

  3. Looks like everyone in the neighbor is doing great.... Especially Gwenny.

  4. What a contrast - blue skies and hot weather in Florida to freezing cold in Ottawa - you are a cruel one!!

    Great to see the smiling faces of all the Grands again. Love Gwenny's toothy smile!

  5. Such a contrast in Ontario , glad we stayed further south on our visit. No white stuff yet.

  6. Always love the gap-toothed grin on the little ones. Gwenny is as cute as ever. I remember your post about the moving snowman - so funny. Looks like they have a good one to work with this year.