Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All fixed up!

The other day we noticed some water on the floor at the base of our kitchen sink... and started wondering... is there a problem??? It would come and go, and not be there all the time, but we figured there must be some kind of leak somewhere...

Problem is, there is all the plumbing, and the hot water tank, and you name it, is all stuffed into this small space in the RV.


Today we decided to have a local RV Repair Service come in and take a look. This is not a picture of our hot water tank above, but ours is very similiar, and it was the top fitting on the tank that was leaking on ours. Thankfully, the fitting was leaking, and not the tank itself, as it would probably be well over $1,000.00 to replace your hot water tank! Don't want to do that!

The service guys from Gibson and Sons RV, soon isolated the problem of a leaking fitting, and had a bit of a problem getting at it. Had to dismantle the floor in one of our cabinets to get at it! Yuck!

Anyhow, all is fixed and well again. It appears we do have some water damage under our hard flooring, so we are currently looking at what to do about that. Always something!

Went out and enjoyed a great dinner tonight with our neighbours Wayne and Carol from Nova Scotia! Great time, and good Italian Food. Love it!

Till tomorrow...


  1. We just replaced our hot water heater. Thank goodness Paul was able to do the entire job. The hot water heater was $200. Labor = 0.

  2. Too bad about the leak. We have had our fair share of those last winter. Glad you got it fixed.

  3. Water leaks are never any fun. Glad yours was an easy fix.

  4. Water leaks are bound to happen when this vehicles keeps moving all over the place. I have repaired a few in our coach as well. Goos that you can stay on top of it.

  5. Good on you to find and fix the leak. Now back to it should be!

  6. I think you were smart to call in the pros to check on that water leak. I know if it was me I would have magically turned a small leak into Niagara Falls with one turn of the wrench!

  7. Oh brother, always something in these things huh?! Glad you got it fixed though!