Friday, December 21, 2012

It seems we survived!


Well if you are able to read this blog tonight, you probably have figured out by now, that "Armagedan" did not really occur today. Florida seemed to have survived, although today was the coldest day that we have had to endure here so far. It got down into the high 40's, but only for a wee bit, and spent most of the time around 59 deg. F.

I think that a lot of people have confused the Mayan Callender with the Oreo Cookie, and maybe that is where all the confustion has come from. The cookies probably taste a lot better than that callender anyways.

We have Tom and Cheryl flying down to Orlando on Sunday night, so it was no surprise to me, to see our temperatures dive today in preparation of their arrival! This just seems to be the case each year! I also might be a sign that today is the Winter Solstice.

Something about this being the shortest in daylight hours, and it only goes uphill from here, so maybe things will turn around by Sunday when we pick them up at the airport!

Not much happened around here today, just enjoying retirement, and a bit of work preparing our motorcycle trailer, as we are going to bring it on our up coming trip. I did get out on the motorcycle today, to test out that new helmet I had on in last night's blog... it works great... quiter than my previous helmet, as it is better designed, with a better wind shield on it! Looking forward to using it more!

Till tomorrow...


  1. The drop in temperature is clearly the fault of the soon to arrive visitors. What else could it be?

    Pulled the 5th wheel out from its gated area today. Heat is on indoors and we'll begin the 'getaway' preparations.

  2. was cooler here and windy today also..but suppose to run right back up within the next day or two...I enjoy the cooler temps esp during the night..great sleeping weather...

  3. I'm positive those Oreo cookies taste better than any Mayan calendar.

    Hope the weather improves for your visitors. BTW, it's cold in Desert Hot Springs too, I hear.

  4. I wonder if the world did end, but we are left behind...not a pretty thought.

  5. Colder here too, just enough to make us appreciate the warmer days when they return.

  6. It does seem to be the case every time we visit :( We are getting a bad rep.
    Must break that cycle this year. Expect the weather to improve dramatically by Sunday evening.
    See you tomorrow!!