Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hey...What happened to Boxing Day???

One thing most Canadians look forward each year is a great day of Boxing Day Sales!!!


Well, down here in the U.S. they do not really do Boxing Day the way we do... but to keep us in the spirit of the season, we went out shopping this afternoon just to prove we are Canadians! Now, there were not that many people out shopping it seems, but we did get the flavour...

First thing this morning, we all enjoyed coffee, and Cheryl and Judy spend time swimming and doing pool exercises in our salt water pool... nice sunny morning.

Tom and I were a little more into taking the kayaks out for a spin down our canal, which runs right by the back yard of this house we are in...

That is Tom who is blowing up one of our Sea Kayaks by our pool...

Our back yard slopes down to the canal... we were all set to go!

It was a great day to be on the canal, and we ended up going way up stream for an hour and a half tour.


We made it back home this afternoon to play a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit... Cheryl had a lead built up, but Judy came on at the end, and might have taken the lead... we are not sure...

Now many thanks to Michael and Dee who properly identified the above turtle... seems it is not a turtle at all, and is called a Gopher Tortoise! These Tortoise can burrow a big hole in the ground and hide, and there is lots of sand around here for them to do it in. Thank you!

Overall, pretty easy day...

Till tomorrow...



  1. The more I hear about this house, the more I think your are crazy to leave...haha. You two sure found yourself a great Christmas gift. Indoor pool, backyard canal, awesome weather...a little bit of heaven right on Earth.

  2. Nice day on the canal. We just loaded dour Sea Eagle kayak today. We are almost set to roll out of Langley, BC.

  3. Boxing Day? I never left the house to engage in the shopping battles today.

    That sure is a nice property you are staying in with your friends.

  4. No shopping for us, nothing we need. Such a nice property for you guys to visit, you getting spoiled.