Saturday, December 1, 2012

Off to Market we go...

One of the big events in places like Winter Haven, and places like this, are the weekly local Markets. We headed out first thing...well, 9:30 ish to check them out today.

Judy found one in Lakeland, which is about 20 miles from here. We went there first to see what was happening...

Well, as you can see above, it was not a real great Market... However, I did pick up a nice black leather case to hold my Smart Phone in. The one I had been using was worn out, so got a nice new one for all of $5.00. Perfect!

The lady who sold us the cell phone case, sent us a couple miles up the road to another market that was going on at a local Drive In Theatre.

The Drive in Theatre looked like it has been around for a while... but was still active with 2 big screens inside. This time of the year, they start the movie at 7:30 p.m.

As you can tell in the picture above, they have all the newest technology to deliver that "Stereo" sound to the interior of your vehicle! (lol...) I remember going to the Drive In when I was younger, and using one of the above boom boxes!

This was more of a swap meet/market. Basically, a bunch of junk. We didn't stay long, and left with only our money still in our pocket.

The 3rd Market of the day, just north of Winter Haven was a lot bigger, and better than the first two...

I only took the one picture above, but this market was 10 times the size you see above, and had lots of better items. I picked up a nice leather brown man's belt, (to hold that new cell phone case) for $2.00! Judy picked up a few items, and we spent probably 1 1/2 hours filling our day here... probably will be back at some point in time!

Check out this picture below... for all you Gwenny Fans out there...

Recenly Judy picked up a nice red Christmas Dress for Gwenny here in Florida and mailed it back to her. They received it last week after making it past customs and Kristina decided to give it a try today, and go and visit Santa in Woodstock!


As you can see, it was not one of Gwenny's happier times... hopefully the visit will improve in years to come!


Of course she was a lot happier later during a visit to her Gramma's and Grandpa's house.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Gwenny looks lovely in her dress. I can't believe she would cry when seeing Santa. He must have pinched her...hehe

  2. Gwenny knows a fake Santa when she sees one! Go Gweeny!

  3. I'd cry too if I had to sit on that guy's knee - he looked scary!

    I remember those stereo drive-in speakers and all the guys who drove off with them still attached to their windows.

  4. We went to The Market Of Marion and really nice large fleamarket, lots stuff there and one whole isle of fresh produce. Probably a bit of a drive for you but doable if you are in the mood.

  5. As a teenager, I worked at an outdoor drive-in that had those identical speakers. Every day, one or two of them had to be replaced for the very reason Rick mentioned above.