Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shop till you drop...

Today we hit the Miromar Factory Outlet stores, just for something to do! This is a complex of more than 150 stores, so there is lots of opportunity to melt the nubs off your Visa Card.


It rained here last night, and it was overcast this morning so it was a good choice to head out shopping...I think...

This Mall had about 5 or 6 of these monster fountains inside... you could just dip your Visa Card in the fountain if it overheated on you during use...

In the fountain above I found a whole bunch of turtles... you can see them on the ledge...also a whole bunch of fish inside the pond swimming around.

This Mall was about 60 miles south of us, on Hwy. 75, or about an hour long Jeep ride. As you can tell, the weather improved by the picture above in the afternoon, and it became Florida hot and muggy! Love it!

Our Visa Card survived to see another day! Had a blast!

Till tomorrow...


  1. How cool is that to have a fish pond and turtles right inside a mall!! Good picture.

  2. we headed out shopping on Thursday...isn't that a great outlet mall...I love that place...:) we hit a tj max on thurs and found some great bargins....

  3. glad you didn't need to cool off the visa card in the fountain! some days it is nice to just window shop!

  4. Any post Christmas deals found during your shopping walkabout? Is there a tech tool that you desire?

    Lovely fountain photo...and more.

  5. Sound like a great day was had by all!

  6. Glad to hear your visa.card didn't melt. Malls like that are dangerous!

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  8. Shopping , looking and cruising sounds like a great day you had.