Sunday, December 2, 2012

So good!

We have been down here in Winter Haven for just shy of a month now, and all I can say is "so far, so good!" The weather here in central Florida has simply been spectacular! Today reached about 80 deg. F. which is starting to get a little warm... however I just looked at the weather forecast for the coming week, and all I can see is sunny and 27 deg. C. all week! What is not to like about that.

It is sure a lot warmer here so far in the evening that it is out in Az. and Ca. We have hardly used any propane for our furnace this year, and hardly any use of our electric heat. This amounts to about a $1.00 a day savings for those that keep track of that sort of stuff!

Very easy day today in the sun. Judy and I enjoyed the local Church Service, and spent a bit of time shopping this afternoon, trying to kickstart the U.S. economy!

After looking at the picture of Gwenny sitting on Santa's knee, it put me in the spirits to get some exterior illumination going! Tis the season!

Now, we do not get all crazy or anything, but we did get some neat rope lights for our patio. Still have to do the interior decorations and tree yet!

Till tomorrow...



  1. nice start to your Christmas Decorations!

  2. Enjoy your Christmas decorations!

  3. I agree with much warmer evenings, but I find the humidity hard on my arthritis and breathing. Getting in the mood is nice we can do that in a couple weeks when we settle in for christmas.

  4. That's the spirit ~ Florida definately has great winter weather but the summers are horrid!
    Have fun

  5. Your weather sounds perfect. I sure hope we luck out in Desert Hot Springs like last year weatherwise.