Saturday, December 22, 2012

We return to Tiger Creek...

Last night was the coldest night we have had here in Florida, as it got down to 38 Deg. F. BBBBrrrrrrrr.... Don't worry though, it is warming up already and next week looks good for Tom and Cheryl to enjoy! Safe flight guys! We will be at the airport!

Today we decided we were due for a hike, so it was back to Tiger Creek after Judy made us up a picnic lunch. There was nothing but sun, and even though it only got up to about 60 deg. F. it was great for hiking.


Judy signs us into the park register above, so someone knows you are back there... we took the big trail today as we were all set up for it... 7 miles!


Even though the birds of prey were overhead, it did not deter us on this trail today...

Yes, we took the Highland Loop, but with the connector trails, it was over 7 miles...

It is a nice trail, lots of cover on it, and some open fields...

We found this 2nd. loop trail, attached to the main loop trail and figured we would come back another day to do it, and check out the pond.


Above is the typical view along this trail... we found lots of foot prints along the sand trail... human and animal...

Could not quite figure out what animal left the print above... any takers?


You got pretty warm hiking today, even though it was a bit cool out...

Found this along the trail... ??? ....

Great views, every which way we looked....

After we had lunch, we started back onto the trail, and right away saw this great big Doe staring at us! (Too bad it was not the one below... it ran away far too fast for me to get a picturer, but she looked identicle!)

Our legs were like rubber after we finished 7.2 miles as measured by our Magellan GPS. Nice hike!

Found some pictures on Facebook I want to share tonight as well... they got more snow in Ottawa if you can believe it!


Yes, in the picture above, Shawn and the kid's built an igloo! They are having real winter!

Now you might wonder, "what the heck is with these people" in the picture above... this is from my Cousin's Fred's facebook page... he lives on the Myan Rivierra! These are Myan's performing a ceremony in Mexico last night! Maybe they were celebrating because the callender was wrong! Who knows?

Busy day today... another one tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Looks like Emmie and Paige are going to have a white Christmas for sure - and then some!! Any moving snowmen yet?

  2. The cooler weather here is still better than back home, not having to worry about snow is great!

  3. Great trail hike but some ominous signs along the way.

    Great pic of the igloo in Ottawa - sure looks cold back there.

    Mayans? Guess there safe for another million years.

  4. Gee, if those cool temperatures persist, you'll be able to enjoy natural frozen orange juice every morning.

    Nice shots of the Tiger Trail.

    Wishing yo and Judy a Merry Christmas. All the very best wishes for 2013.