Thursday, May 16, 2013

Geek on Wheels...

Phew... what a whirl wind day it was for me today. I stayed out at the RV myself last night as Judy was with Gwenny. This morning at 8:00 a.m. I was off for Orillia on my good old (actually fairly new...) Honda 750. I had my Mom's new computer in tow, an was making a geek delivery to get her up and running and online again!. I had a lot of work to do once I got up to Orillia, set up email, set up a printer that was a pain, set up all the special programs Mom uses to create things with, like her monthly news letter she does for the Church. Don't want to get anyone there mad at me! Anyways, it all worked out well, and Mom is a happy camper again with a new (old) computer. Love that Windows XP! Never took a pic while I was away today, but found Judy's camera tonight, so lets see what she saw today...

Yup, looks like she was taking care of Gwenny! Nice day in Ontario finally!


Ohhhh.... looks like they went to visit Charles today with Mom and Dad in the Hospital! Not sure what hat Dad has on.... little Charles looks a little tired in this one!

I liked this pic above of Gwenny on the roller slide at the park... this is from Wednesday.

Gwenny really liked meeting this cow outside the main entrance at the Hospital.... she kept saying "Mooooo".

Gwenny was checking out her Brother's little finger.

Well, back home tonight, just a wee bit tired, so will keep this one short... nice to see the weather looks great here for the long weekend! Bring it on!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Adorable photos of Gwenny and her new brother Charles. Must be nice to have all that sunshine forecast for the weekend.

  2. Setting up a new computer does take hours. Not sure about mom's computer, but when I set up our new ones, I had to load download five programs not counting loading Photoshop and a couple of other programs from CDs. I am sure she appreciates all the hard work.

  3. Great weather for Ontario, good day for a cruise on the bike. Finally, we are lovin it.
    Getting mom's computer up and running is always a challenge.
    Our parents keep us busy tuning their up too.

  4. Good job on getting your Mom's computer all setup and running. Maybe you can become a full-scale 'nerd'!

    That's a great pic of Gwenny touching Charles' finger.

    Kristina looks great, I'll bet she'll be happy to get home soon.

  5. You two have been busy. Tech support on two wheels calls for a new perhaps...'Thunder Tech'?

    Great shots of the family with Charles.

  6. Oh goodness, they are just too precious!!