Friday, May 31, 2013

Lightening hits Woodstock Meadows Golf Course...

Yes, I got out today and put in a round of golf with David. It was a great day weather wise here, although it is raining as I post this blog tonight.

When David and I were wrapping up our game, we were on the 17th tee, and heard all the yelling and screaming! What happened... did lightening hit someone???? Nope, one of the guys in the group playing in front of us had hit a "Hole in One!" He was pretty happy! It was on a par three, and not an easy one, as it was about 130 yards. (Why do golf courses still measure in yards anyways???)

After the game David invited Judy and I back to their nice new home for a cold refreshment... perfect way to finish off a game this afternoon.

Judy and Kristina were hot today and decided to head out to the RV with the kids for a swim...

Gwenny had a new pool cover up to model, and new deck shoes!

Judy said Gwenny was trembling she wanted to get in the pool so bad! She loves the water, and it will be hard to keep her out of the pool this summer it seems.

They reported the pool was a bit cool yet, around 75 deg. F.

As usual, our park pool was simply sparkling clean as it always is. Jane (Park Owner) takes care of this pool every morning, and it shows!

Now, in my books, Charlie looks a little bit peaved that he did not make it into the pool today.

Till tomorrow...



  1. A golf round is a great way to end the week.

    Gwenny clearly loves the water. Good thing too! It's nice to learn at a young age. I concur that Charlie looked a bit peeved to not be included in the swim. Soon though....very soon!

  2. Gotta be loving the great weather, enjoy!

  3. You got me on that title.

    Another movie star photo of Gwenny.

  4. Charlie's awake! How 'bout that! I love his 'tude!!

    Gwenny's look's like a little movie star with those shades.

    Please, let's not even think about changing golf courses to metric! It's been over 30 years now and I'm still trying to figure out what a millimeter is.