Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcome to our sauna...

After reaching for our Furnace Button for the past month, today we were all grabbing for the A/C buttons, as Ontario was sweltering over 30 deg. C. today. Not complaining though... I like the hot!

This morning was real nice, and I went out and washed the Jeep, as we had it full of bugs from our trip home late last night. Nice and clean now...

This afternoon I accompanied Kristina and Charlie over to London, as Charlie had an appointment at the Dr. Seems he is eating quite a bit, as in the past week, he has put on a pound! Yikes...

Finally found our camera tonight, and got a couple pictures I wanted to show...

On Tuesday night, I made supper for the kids, to try and help out. I do know my way around the kitchen a bit you know... I decided I wanted to make something different, that I have never made before, so I found a recipe for Sausage Pepper Ziti Marinara! Check out the picture above, and eat your heart out Rick and George (AKA Weber Q Man...) How good was this dish???

Just ask Gwenny, who simply loved Pop Pop's culinary delight! Oh, by the way, I found the recipe for this dish right off the web site that belongs to Olive Garden. This is one of our favourite Restaurants in the U.S. and they actually post their recipes for over 52 dishes... how to make them, and what to put in them! Turned out pretty good, even if I say so myself.

No Ziti for poor old Charlie though, who slept through dinner...

When I was in at the kid's house today, Chris' Dad dropped by, as he spent the morning taking care of Gwenny today. He invited me out to play golf tomorrow. Can't wait... problem I have is that David is an Ontario Supreme Court Judge, so I am going to have to be real careful about what I say while golfing... especially about all that missing money when I worked at the Bank a few years ago... ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Word going around is tomorrow is another nice day! Here is hoping.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Hot, cold, humid or dry....a golfing outing is something to truly look forward to. Keep your banking stories close to the vest. No need to get yourself in a heap of trouble now!

    Nice looking pasta dish!

  2. Love the baby pictures! Now, excuse me while I go to Olive Garden to search for recipes...

  3. fine looking dinner,John! good job on the culinary efforts!

  4. Little Charlie cracks me up - he sure likes his naps!!

    O.K. - That pasta dish sure looks terrific. I had expected mac 'n cheese but you outdid yourself. I'll be looking that recipe up for sure.

  5. OK, I'm going to go look for the 5 Cheese Ziti recipe - that's mine & Nicolas' favorite! Your dinner looked great . . . and your new grandson is beautiful!