Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weather warp????

What is going on here... For the past few nights, we have been freezing here in Southern Ontario... pumping gallon after gallon of propane into our Furnace to keep warm.


Now it seems, in a day or two, we are going to have to fire up our AC units up on the roof! It is heading up to 32 Deg. C. What is going on... have we pushed Mother Nature too far?

Simply not a lot on the go today... a day of rest.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Shoulda made a day trip to Grand Bend and the Pinery Fleamarket, great day here.
    We use our Mr Heater for heat uses very little propane.
    Keep warm then cool down.
    OH Canada!

  2. We are cold here too but can't complain. Overall it has been a very nice spring. Don't know how hot 32C is but it sounds plenty warm LOL!!

  3. Is that really Mother Nature? Who knew??

  4. We have not needed the furnace here on the west coast but we sure could use some sun. Rain, rain go away.......!