Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sure can't beat the weather...

It has been up in the mid 20's on the C. scale for the past couple days here, with nothing but sunshine blasting away! Seems we brought it back from Florida with us.

Yesterday good Friends Tom and Cheryl drove over from Richmond Hill, and spent the afternoon and evening with us. We watched the Leaf Game, and then I drowned myself in my sorrows.... :-(

Tom and Cheryl wanted to come over for a nice ride in their Canary Yellow Corvette! It is a convertible, and is real cool... perfect weather for it! They are getting ready to start into some serious RVing with a new truck and 5th wheel they just purchased, and are making some noise of maybe heading down to Frostproof this coming winter in Florida, to join us for a while! We can only hope!

A couple days ago was Shawn and Jenns anniversary, and today, was Chris and Kristina's turn! Happy 4th anniversary to them! Judy and I went in and got to babysit Gwenny while they went out for a nice dinner in Paris! (Paris, Ontario that is...only about a 1/2 hour drive). They report they had a great dinner!

Till tomorrow...



  1. You two have sure had your share of celebrating lately!

  2. Congrats to Chris and Kristina on their 4th Wedding Anniversary.

    I just did some calculating and I figure by the time they celebrate their 25th anniversary they will have a total of 12 children with 1 more on the way!!

  3. Bwa ha ha ha! That's some interesting math Rick! I guess we'll just have to see in 21 years...

  4. Its always nice that you got to babysit Gwenny. They should go out more often.
    We sure are loving this weather, thanks for bringing with you.

  5. Always a blast. Thanks again guys for the great evening and use of the hangar. Nice to see Kristina and
    Gwenny. Kristina looks great and
    Gwenny gets more adorable every time we get a chance to see her in person.

  6. Nice Corvette. No word as to whether you were given the opportunity to drive it though.

    Happy anniversary to Chris and Kristina. To give them some time off for dinner out is outstanding.