Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sun comes up...activities go up!

Yes, it is all relative...turned out to be a beautiful day here... only just above 15 deg. C. but the sun was out full force all day, and that just makes the difference!

I started off this morning, doing a small RV renovation. Judy wanted me to get rid of some carpeting on the back of the riser, leading from the RV into the cab of our GMC 5500. There is a step down into the cab.

You can see a small piece of the grey carpeting on the riser above...


This is sort of an overhead shot... Judy wanted some hard floor put on that raw plywood you see.

You can see above where I have started laying the new hard floor... those wires on the left side are for our Shaw Direct TV Leads, and get hidden. The hard floor pattern does not match our new tile floor in the RV, but that does not really matter, as you do not see it from inside the RV anyways... job is now 100 percent finished, but I forgot the end pic. It looks good!

While I was doing flooring, Judy and Kristina took the kids to a Church Bazar in Town today.


Kristina had Charlie in her sling, while Gwenny runs everywhere now of course!

A good time was reported by all, but I am not sure of the $$$ count on this one....

After lunch, and full of energy, I had made arrangements for Chris to help me change out the spark plugs on our Jeep. I had of quote of $300.00 from a garage in Florida to do this, and thought, hey, wait a minute, we might be able to do this ourselves.

Chris was right into it this afternoon, dirty hands and all... we used an air compressor to get rid of all the small grains of sand and dirt on the motor, as you don't want it going down the spark plug holes.

It took us an hour to do the six cylinder motor in the Jeep, and then we turned our attention to Chris' Mazda. In 45 minutes we were able to do the 4 cylinder motor, and we were done! Jeep plugs are now good for 100,000. So, instead of a $300.00 bill, I ended up spending $60.00 for the six Bosche Spark Plugs. The best part was Chris supplied the beer we drank afterwards to celebrate a good job! Thanks for your help Chris!

While we were doing cars, Judy made a big pot of Chili this afternoon, and we all put a big dent in it during supper!

Weather is sure looking better heading forward... here is hoping!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sunshine, spark plugs, beer and chile sounds like a perfect day to me!
    Oh yeah saved a few bucks too.

  2. Aahhh a day of accomplishments followed by a pot of chili - the good things in life

  3. $300 to change 6 spark plugs does sound a bit steep alright!

    A day of work followed by a Chili dinner is a pretty good combo!