Thursday, October 17, 2013

A good day on the job...

Off to work early this morning, well, 9:00 a.m. anyways... lots to do today. Between Chris, Judy and I, we got the floors all cleaned up last night, and ready to be stained!

Kristina picked out a wonderful colour to stain the floor, but I can't remember the name of it. I started this morning shortly after 9:00 and right away I knew that this colour was going to look great on their floors. It seemed to go on so nice as I brushed it on. The folks at Home Hardware in Woodstock are really good at giving advice, and they advised that we use Exterior Stain on the floors inside. This advice seems real good at this point, as I was very happy with the coverage.

You can see above the colour difference after the stain is applied. This is in the dining room. Oh, check out the neat little paint brush holder Kristina bought me... it just sticks on the side of your brush, and then you easily clip it to the side of the can. Actually, I should have had the brush pointing the other way, hanging over the inside of the can... oooopppsss...

This is looking towards the kitchen area, just inside the front door.

This is looking into the living room and dining room. The stain took quite a long time to dry after being applied, and some of the shading you see will disappear when dried. The owners will be deciding tonight if they want me, (the worker...) to apply another coat of stain tomorrow or not. After the staining is finished we will apply two coats of verathane.

Finished work at 1:30 this afternoon...yahoooo! So what did I do with a bunch of time this afternoon on my hands... more work of course!

We have had so much wet weather lately, and warm temperatures, our grass just keeps on growing! I picked up one of the park lawn mowers this afternoon, and gave it a trim.

Turns out I also managed to get rid of a bunch of leaves on our site as well! They are all hidden behind the motorhome, in the bush. Good spot for them!


Shawn and Jenn bought me a "beer can cooker" for my birthday back in Sept. and I put it to use today! It worked great. You stick a chicken over top a beer can half full of beer and spices, and cook it on the BBQ for 2 hours. Turned out great!

Check it out! Tasted as good as it looks!


Judy and Kristina took the kids over to London today, while I was working on the floors. They stopped at Costco and bought Gwenny a neat Halloween Costume. It is a Dinosaur Costume, she runs around with toy dinosaur which is about the same colour as this costume! Kristina reports she is still wearing it, and does not want to take it off!

Till tomorrow...


  1. You guys are like us , having too much fun and last minute things to wrap up. Enjoy!
    Only a few days left before we hit the road! And so much to do.

  2. The floor looks awesome. Great job! What a big difference.

    We love "beer butt" chicken. It is so juicy.

  3. Visions of Charlie crawling across beautiful floors dance through my head!!!

  4. John, you are a working maniac - sanding, staining, mowing lawns and even cooking dinner - what a guy. It's no wonder Judy married you but you're making the rest of us husbands look bad.

    Great pic of Gwenny the Dino!

  5. Wow! The floors are looking good, the stain colour Kristina picked sure gives them such a nice rick look, beautiful. Have one of the beer can chicken cookers but have never tried it, have got to give iit a try after hearing your results.

  6. the floors look wonderful! you did a great job!
    hope the beer can chicken was good!!