Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What am I going to do next???

Today this job at the kid's house, is quickly coming to an end! All the painting is now done, and the floors are also finished up... and the trim work is done!

That colour on the wall is "Quiet Pewter". Today the trim was painted, and quarter round added to the baseboard... looks good I thought with the re-finished floors!

Judy is in the dining room doing some spot cleaning... We painted the dining room last fall.

Kristina had us over to enjoy lunch... Gwenny was hard into the colouring book today! I helped out!

The kitchen and hallway, had a subfloor and softfloor installed over the hardwood. We stripped it all off and ended up with hardwood!

I will show some stair work tomorrow... next comes moving the furniture back into place for the weekend!

Till tomorrow...


  1. It may be time for a holiday. Nice work, you two!!!!

  2. Wow - what a difference. You guys have done a great job. The kids must be really excited about the huge improvement to their home. You will be ready for a 6 month rest... :)

  3. Everything looks beautiful - including Gwenny, of course.

    I think your next big job will be loading up the MH and heading south to warmer weather.

  4. Looks like you did a great job, now time to hit the road and begin you southern migration.

  5. Wow. Sure looks snazzy. Nice work!

  6. I love that color "pewter" especially with the trim and baseboards. Just gorgeous. Amazing the difference. Gwenny is growing up so fast.

  7. Awesome job! And great choice of colours going to look beautiful with all the furniture back in. They need to give you a spot on Steve and Chris or City Line for your advise, but no then no time to enjoy your winter RV'ing. Gwenny sure is growing up. Enjoyed the pic's! Have a great Thurday!