Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Game on!!!

Yes, it is back! One of my favourite times of the year! Hockey is back! Tonight my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs will take on the dreaded Montreal Canadiens in the Season Opener!

Yes, I know, many of you may remember I was born in Montreal! What gives??? Well, it seems that after I moved to Ontario in the mid 1960's, my brain has now turned blue and I am behind the Maple Leafs, even though as a kid, I cheered endlessly for the Montreal Canadiens! Go Leafs go! Heck, they even gave their best goal sniper, Phil Kessel, a new 8 year contract today for $64,000,000.00! How will he ever get through on that amount? Should have played more hockey I guess!

We were in town this morning for another Dr. appointment, and then headed over to visit with the kids for a few minutes...

Charlie was as active as ever...

Judy was all excited, as she got to feed Charlie his lunch! He now eats a rice mix, to get him going on some more solid foods! He is certainly growing big time!


Gwenny was real busy playing with her toy car and train set... she just loves this, and I played with her for about an hour... we had a blast!

One of her favourites, is Thomas the Train, and I down loaded an APP onto the iPhone that I saw Kristina using. Gwenny can put this puzzle together very easily, and once you put it together, a short video plays from the puzzle, kind of neat, and Gwenny just loves it!

She ate a real good lunch today, and then enjoyed a cupcake from her Dad's recent birthday.

Simply enjoyed the warm temperatures here again this afternoon, and managed to wash up the Jeep.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Great pics of the kids. I hope Gwenny is teaching Charlie the fine art of how to eat a cupcake as she has it down perfect!!

    Hockey?? Wake me after New Years!

  2. We are loving this awesome weather too!
    But just can't get excited about hockey anymore.

  3. I do hope your team goes a long way this year. I don't watch hockey but I do, on occasion, check out the standings. My TV sports are golf and CFL Football.