Sunday, October 6, 2013

Work continues...

Another very dull day here, but at least it was quite warm. We have had a lot of rain, and some thunderstormes, but bright skies might be on our agenda for next week.

Today work continued on the floors, as it will be for the next couple weeks more than likely. I may not blog about it every night, as you can only push a sanding job so far in a blog you know!

Some good news today on the job though, if you look above that light coloured green stuff on the hall flooring is actually some kind of glue that held tiles down. I was able to put a hand sander on it in the lower right corner, and thankfully, the glue came right off. I thought it might be harder to do!

Today Chris and I removed 80% of the kitchen floor, and sub floor. This hardwood had never been finished in it's life. I was concerned again about the black on the floor, but again, if you look in the lower left of the picture, you will see a small circle I sanded with the hand sander again. It took the black right off, and beautiful hardwood below! All should be good, just need a lot more elbow grease!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I have always enjoyed renovating my old houses, never know what you will find hidden behind the "modern" cosmetic trends.
    You have your work cut out for you , have fun.

  2. Wow, that sanded spot on the hardwood looks terrific. If the rest of the hardwood comes up like that it'll look spectacular. I'm sure it will once you get the big sander going.

  3. You do have a major project on your hands. I believe you will be sanding and sanding and sanding but the reward will be well worth the effort. Can't beat hardwood flooring!