Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday is supposed to be a day to relax!

Yes, we simply took life very easy today... after many weeks of work and some travel.

This afternoon, Judy spent time going through some closets and drawers in the RV, as we look for items that we carry around, that we may no longer need. Heavy items, like books! We got rid of a few to the laundry library. We got rid of a few!

Our scheduled take off this week is Friday morning. We have a few items to get ready for take off, but overall we are prettly close to being able to leave.

We do have one small problem... that being that at midnight tonight, we will be losing our Bell Internet Plan on our iPad. We have switched our plan over on our phone to the North American plan, but it does not come with any data included. We will load our Verizon Sim Card in the iPad for use in the U.S., but not until Friday, so we will have to use some creative means to find internet this week.

Our poor devices will be lost this week...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Lightening the load needs to be done every once in a while ... good job. Hang in there until you have service again.

  2. We got our purging done before we left as well.
    We use the Bell North America Plan year round as we are usually moving about and safe the long distance fees.
    Rest up then hit the road, travel safe.

  3. A little weight reducing cleanup can save you a few pennies on fuel, I guess!

    What? No internet for several days? You could now find the time for another hobby.


  4. No Internet for a week? Sounds kind of life-threatening to me!

    Good luck with your trip preparations even though it sounds like you've got most things under control.

  5. Sounds like you should have a smooth departure Friday with all the preparations. Should be a fast week!