Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanks Giving all the way!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Weekend... we sure did with not one, but two big turkey dinners to keep us happy!

On Sunday Chris and Kristina and the kids took Judy and I on a road trip up to Orillia for a big dinner on my side of our Family. We had a great afternoon visiting my Mom...

Mom sure enjoyed seeing the kids again...

Our Family got together at Orillia's Highwayman Inn, where they put on a terrific Turkey Dinner, a la Buffet style... just no pictures, but it was great!

Today, Kristina and Chris got together with Chris' Brother Kevin, and Wife Ramona for another Turkey dinner. We got to come and enjoy as well.

We had all the trimmings, and dinner was simply great... again!

Before Dinner tonight, Gwenny was out driving around the deck in her fancy car... it was a beautiful afternoon here...

Charlie had a special Turkey Bib on, but I don't think he had too much turkey tonight...

Earlier this afternoon, Judy got carried away with RV cleaning, and after doing the interior work, headed up to the roof to take all the built up leaves and stuff off the roof! What a brave woman!

Well, that is the end of another great Thanksgiving... one more to go after we hit Florida!

Back to the floors again tomorrow... we are getting there!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Boy, you Canadians sure know how to celebrate Thanksgiving. And all that great food. Sounds like a great time.

  2. O.K. you win, we only had 1 Thanksgiving Dinner not 2. I don't think I could do 2 anyway - except for dessert, of course.

    Great pic of Gwenny and Charlie with your Mom.

  3. We managed to get through two Thanksgiving dinners as well, think we can enjoy some leftovers now.
    Always nice to get together with family before we leave.

  4. Wonderful times with family. Lots of memories were made!

    Send me some of your energy, Judy. Great job!

  5. Looked like a great Thanksgiving weekend and two dinners even better. Boy no stopping Judy!