Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another busy day...

We were low on propane in the RV this morning, so it was off to find some. This is only the second time this summer filling our tank which is about 100 liters, so that was not too bad. We will be using the furnace a bit more during October, so thought we better fill it up!

We stopped at the TA Tire Centre in Woodstock after propane, and arranged to our our tire nuts re-torqued to specs. They have to be turned to 400 foot lbs. of torque, which you cannot do with your handy dandy tire iron, so you need a professional with a great big bar wrench. They had to be looked at after our tires were recently installed. All is good again! $38.00 to have this done...

Went for a nice walk along Lake Pittock this afternoon. It was a great afternoon.

Three and a half kilometers later, and I was done! Soon, it wll be cooling down quite a bit, but it is great now!

Patra had to make her way to the Vet today for her annual shots. Border crosser comming! All is good here!

Chris and Kristina had us in for a steak raqulet dinner tonight, which was great! First time for me, and I would do it again!

Gwenny picked us some tomatoes from the garden this afternoon. Did a great job.

Check out the potatoes and red pepper we enjoyed for dinner! Yes, it is harvest time!

Till tomorrow...



  1. She sure is growing. What a cutie. I love the fresh garden vegtables.

  2. Wow 400 ft/lbs of torque, our coach only calls for 155ft/lbs. But gotta get them checked. Soon ready to hit the road.

  3. I seems you are well prepped for leaving when the lure to the south calls.

    Those blog photos of your grandkids reveal kids that are growing quickly and to see photos of Gwenny reaping and hauling the garden crops is really cute.