Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Blister of a day!

Sitting inside our Coach with A/C on full blast right now trying to keep cool... what a day today was. It hit close to 90 deg. F. here today with lots of sun.

So, accordingly, we took life very easy today! This morning Kristina brought Gwenny and Charlie out to the RV for one last kick of the can in our swimming pool! Perfect day for it!

Judy volunteered to bring Gwenny down to the pool this morning, as I watched Charlie sleep at the RV. Gwenny loved it in the pool, and did not want to leave it! Blame her???


Of course I was messing around most of the day with our new iPhone 5, and managed to take a quick video of Gwenny having fun in her "little pool" this morning. Took a few minutes to figure out how to get it posted up on YouTube, and finally made it! The first one is always the hardest it seems.

Gwenny loved messing around with the pool noodles...

Trying out new collage of photo's in the blog this evening... hope it works...

While all the pool play was going on... Charlie was just being himself! What a kid!

Made lots of progress setting up the new phone today, eg. RBC App, Scotiabank App, and a few others. All is good so far. Thanks to Kristina and Chris for letting me update the iCloud on my new phone... you have to do it on WiFi.

Well, it seems today is my last day being 60 years old! Sure was a nice one... Guess we will try being 61 tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Happy Birthday, John. Now I know why you've got a new iPhone.

    Great pics of the grandkids. Charlie sure has a winning smile.

    It's 75F here right now and that seems pretty hot enough for us.

  2. Happy Birthday to you. I just turned 60 this month. Love the way Charlie hams it up for his picture.

  3. Happy Birthday Maverick, I raise a glass with ya Saturday.


  4. Well again happy Birthday John, enjoy your 60's sure can be fun.

  5. Happy 61st John. If 60 was a great year, 61 can be even greater....or, at the very least, equally great. All the best on that front.

    Nice iPhone video with Gwenny in the little pool and Charlie changes with every photo you post. The little fella is growing.