Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some more RV repairs...

I was reading with interest and laughing at the comments from yesterdays blog, with different people who have had experience with being locked in a bathroom! Maybe it is not all that uncommon after all... Pleased to report Judy is doing well after her locked in encounter, and has not needed any professional help at this point in time, but we are monitoring the situation!

This morning I took on another job that was bugging me. Our kitchen tap was causing problems, as it was loose and leaking a bit. I tried to repair it the other day but had problems getting it off of the sink. Today I had more success!

This is the culprit above... it is a one handle do all type tap... bend to the right for cold, and bend to the left for hot, and a blend of both in between. After 4 years of constant use, it needed some work!


After I crawled underneath the counter and dismanteled the assembly, I soaked it all in vinigar, and cleaned it with (of all things...) a toothbrush! It did a great job of cleaning 4 years of built up calcium on the hardware.

The handle assembly you see on the right of this picture, had come loose and was flopping all over. I managed to take out that little blue/red plastic plug you see on it, and behind was a set screw that allowed me to tighten up the handle to the assembly and have it working like new again. A good cleaning of everything was in order, and now the tap is working like it was new again! I was sort of looking at a $100.00 bill to replace this assembly, but it was not necessary... just a bit of elbow grease and some vinigar!

Even had time this afternoon to get the Honda out of the trailer, and clean it all up... it was a beautiful afternoon to spend time outside, so I also got the hose out and cleaned up the Jeep!


Even found time to take a 3 1/2 Klm. walk through Standard Tube Trails this afternoon, and found the water was receeding a bit. The river itself is still quite high after the deluge of rain we have had this past week.

Was off to Dr. Normand this morning at 8:00 bells, to arrange my new orthodics! He got out the plaster and the paint brush and made a cast of botth of my feet. These plaster casts will now be sent out to Vancouver so that my new orthotics can be made! Will have to get Rick to put a big push on them, as I need them bad! Two weeks will have them back here in Ontario, ready for use... Not sure why we have to have these done in Vancouver, but what ever!

My new ones will kind of look like this one above, and will fit right in my shoe. They are a life saver!

Yes, we are back on the road tomorrow, as we drive over and spend the night in Richmond Hill with Tom and Cheryl. Tom has to go in Friday morning for some day surgery, and I will be his driver for the day. We will also check in on Cheryl, who just recently had hip replacement surgery. Together, they are keeping our Provincial Hospital Plan in business!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I'm kind of worried about sending your orthotics to Vancouver to be made. I mean, you just might end up getting 2 'left feet' back.

    Good job on the kitchen faucet and I'll bet you can still use that toothbrush for your teeth tonight.

  2. A nice job cleaning up your Kitchen taps, amazing what a you can do with a little maintenance.

  3. Ah, that red and blue button has a purpose! Thanks for the info. your new inserts will help tremendously. They suggested that I break them in slowly. They felt so good that I put them in and never bothered with the break-in period.

  4. Did you also use that toothbrush on the Honda? Nice work with the faucet. I will remember your work should when we need to repair ours.