Friday, September 20, 2013

Lesson learned well today!

Yesterday when I was in visiting Kristina, Chris and the kids, I downloaded the new Apple iOs 7 onto my new iphone 5. It took over 45 minutes to complete, but it went well.

I opted for the nice black iPhone, so it would match our black iPad... gotta be in tune with with stuff you know... I really liked the look and feel of the new iOs and it is still a learrning process.


No, I did not upgrade our iPad 3 at the same time, as it told me I needed 3 Gig of free memory, and at the time I only had 1.5 Gig availiable. This required a bit of cleanup to free up the needed space.

So, this morning, with some lousy weather here... wet and raining all morning, I decided to do the clean up of memory, and upgrade the iOs on the iPad. I decided to do it through iTunes.

That is when all the fun began today. It downloaded the new iOs, but when it was syncing to the iPad - oooopppsssssss, got a dreaded error message saying the upgrade did not work, and our iPad was locked on a black screen! Yikes. I got iTunes closed on the laptop, and unplugged the iPad, and all of a sudden an image of an iPad came up on the iPad screen, with a picture of the wire, telling me to plug the iPad into the laptop and open iTunes. It took 30 minutes, but the iPad did back up, and when it restarted it had the new iOs 7 up and running... phew!!! I was worried for a bit.
Now here is the lesson learned. Just before I started the upgrade this morning on iTunes, I completed a full backup of the iPad through iTunes! Lesson learned! Always make sure you do the backup!!! It is very easy to do the recovery...
Anyways, not a lot going on today, other than I tried to fix a loose kitchen sink fixture with little luck. Looks like it is worn out and requires replacement, so we will see.
Judy and I are back on the road tomorrow, as we drive over to Ottawa again to visit with Shawn, Jenn, and the kids. Looking forward to it!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Till tomorrow...



  1. Backups are a wonderful thing.

    One of the reasons I recommend upgrading iPhones and iPads through iTunes is because it is so easy to backup the device first.

    Safe travels to Ottawa!

  2. Enjoy your trip to Ottawa and have too much fun there.
    We got our upgrades done yesterday as well.
    I always back up my computers on a regular basis.

  3. Safe travels to Ottawa. Say hi to the kids for us. We will see you on Thurs?