Friday, September 13, 2013

Talk about extremes!


Check this out... we had 34 Deg. C. here on Tuesday and Wednesday, however today the the temperatures never got above 12 deg. How can that be? We are sitting with our heater on tonight to stay warm, while we had the A/C running full blast a couple days ago...

Yes, that is a Canon Pixma 3220 above... I actually got up at 6:00 a.m. this morning, to head out to Walmart in Woodstock, as they had a big super Anniversary sale on in the store, and these printers were on for $35.00. I thought I was crazy, but it seems there were a bunch of other crazies out with me! This is a nice wireless printer/scanner/copier/drink maker, so hopefully it works out for us. Our HP that we had for the last 2 years, simply stopped printing properly, so it was out the door with it!

Judy spent last night taking care of Charlie for Kristina, so I dropped by the house when I was finished at Walmart. Kristina talked me into going for a Costco run over to London, while Judy was off to a walking class.


There are two Stores in London, and we choose the one over on Wonderland Blvd. to visit. Kristina had a big list, and Gwenny said "Hello" to every person in Costco today!

We found a nice park nearby the Costco Store, so Gwenny could burn off some energy before the ride back to Woodstock...

I caught Charlie peeking around the corner of this table to find me this afternoon...

After we finished at the Park we found a McDonalds to take Gwenny to for a Happy Meal... well, OK, I had one too, must admit... they make a great grilled cheese one that I like! Kristina made this collage on her iPhone and sent it to me. I have work to do on my app for doing this.

This morning before heading out to Walmart, I was reading the Toronto Star on the iPad and came accross a picture I have to share. You might have to blow it up a bit to see it. The article was on a very recent rocket launch that happened in Virginia of all places. The Rocket is heading to the moon for more research. The storey was about this picture below, taken by an automatic camera that fired off at launch time. It took hundreds of pictures, but only this picture showed what happens to a frog when it gets to close to the rocket at launch time. NASA did not know the fate of this frog, but I am thinking it could not be good!

Hope your day was better than his!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Frog legs!
    That printer makes drinks?
    What kind?

  2. Great deal on the printer - cheaper than buying new ink cartridges.

    Quite a drastic weather change - wow! Looks like it might be time to get ready to head south.

    Seeing Charlie there I was worried he was was already crawling!!

    Nice collage of the grands!

  3. I can't believe we bought a printer that doesn't make drinks.

  4. Hey I need a 'drink' making printer too...great price....great pics of the grands :)