Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another real hot one...

Hot again all day here...however we ended the day with a real big thunder storm.

Judy was off to Yoga Class this morning, so I drove over to London on my Honda to visit CAA. Wanted to check into Travel Insurance for this winter.

Turns out they changed policies, and I do not qualify for a Top Up Plan, so I came for nothing...oh well, will arrange it elsewhere.

While on the motorcycle I drove by The Outdoor Farm Show that on for three days in Woodstock...lots of Farmers and other people out for this one!

This is only a very small portion of it. Too hard to stop and get pictures...too many cars around.

No charge to get in, so lots of people come!

So check out this bad boy above...Judy picked it up for me for my birthday! It is made by Monster, and is called the ClarityHD. It is a Bluetooth Speaker, that links up to our iPhone 5 and the iPad! It is AWESOME! Great sound from a small devise that can run 10 hours on a charge. Yup, no wires on this puppy!

Above it is beside our camera, and an iPad Mini to show you the size. These have just recently come out and are great!

Judy was saying Charlie is growing out of this chair! Kind of looks like it.

Many thanks to everyone for the shout outs for my Birthday! Had FaceTime on the iPhone with the Hollinger Gang in Ottawa this afternoon...great to see them!

Had a nice Dinner thanks to Chris and Kristina tonight as well.

Till tomorrow...


  1. That Charlie is sure growing like a little weed. Such a cutie. Glad you had a great birthday.

  2. Have been to that farm show in Woodstock a few times, found it pretty interesting , should have dropped in, some cool stuff there even if you not a farmer.
    Sure cooled down quick after the rain!

  3. What a cutie Charlie is. He looks like a very happy little fellow.

  4. I love going to yoga classes. One of the things I miss most about full time RVing. Like your speaker. Sometimes I worry about all the EMT's we have in our motorhomes; wireless this and thats causing brain damage (or so they say).

  5. Happy Birthday Old Guy!! Hope the next year is a good one for you.
    Stay cool!!

  6. Charlie's going to need a new chair pretty soon for sure. He sure is a happy little guy which is great to see.

    John, you are quickly catching up, or even surpassing me, in gizmos! I need to go shopping again.