Thursday, September 19, 2013

Off to the Park...

Another nice warm day here...looked like rain all day, but never did.

Judy wanted to give Kristina a bit of a break, so we took the kids down to the Park all morning. We had a ball!

As you can see, Gwenny had lots of fun. We ended up at Tim Horton's for lunch!

For all the Doggy lovers out there, if you wonder where all that Purina Dog Food is made, look no further...they have a large production facility here! We walked right by it today.

This afternoon was spent on doing an oil change on our Onan 5500 Genset. Work is never done!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Gwenny is one very active little girl. Love her smile.

  2. When we had our Tiffin MH, we had to go to Red Bay, AL. The first time we were there we kept smelling bread baking. It smelled really good. Here we go to find out that it was the dog food factory. Oh brother, we aren't eating that.

  3. Gwenny sure does seem to love parks and playgrounds - great pics.

    I don't think I'd ever want to tour a dog food production plant. Some things are just better not knowing about.

  4. We also caught a break here on the west coast. We had sun! Only a few days back, the weather girl was calling for stormy rain conditions. appears the weekend will be wet. That means catching up on some home improvement projects.

    Great shots of your time at the park. Cute!

  5. Bon Jour Maverick & Eagle, I never wondered where the Purina Doggie Food came from as I backed the Big Rig into their Loading Docks many times for the Loblaws Group of Companies.I guess ya could say I'm a Ruff Ruff kinda Guy 10-4 & OVER