Monday, September 2, 2013

Labour Day 2013

Well, I sure did not do much labour today, still feeling great after retiring 4 years ago this weekend! My job now is enjoying retirement, and believe me, I am working hard at it!

The weather here went down hill fast here today... what happened? It was cold, wet, overcast, with a major thunderstorm at 6:30 this morning, just to make sure no one in the area slept in! Even our cat, Patra, was looking for cover inside the motorhome this morning as all the fireworks were going off.

Judy and I enjoyed a nice turkey on a bun today, compliments of our Park, for lunch. Yup, the leftovers from last night great dinner.

This afternoon we had to work off some excess turkey so headed down to the local Standard Tube Trails.

Judy heads off over one of the concrete bridges over an arm of the Thames River... our walk turned out better and better as the walk proceeded.


Water levels seemed up higher than normal, but very muddy with all the recent rain.

Still lots of green in this marsh area, but there are signs of stress on the trees, as we get less and less sunshine each day now...

In last night blog, Rick from B.C. left a comment asking me if I was able to hear still, after attending Thunder on the Beach in Grand Bend on Saturday. Very good point Rick!

I remembered to bring my noise cancelling headset! They are good for up to 105 decibles of noise, are made by Peltor, and do a very adequate job of keeping noise pollution to the ears to a minimum. YOU NEED THEM AT GRAND BEND! Don't mean to shout at you all, but I saw way too many people sitting around me with nothing on at all, and no ear plugs. Crazy! When you have 2 jet engines accelerating right by you in full after burner mode, and you can feel the heat like your stove in on high, you need headphones!

One thing is for sure, no one would miss me wearing these glow in the dark puppies!

Hope things warm up here soon again...

Till tomorrow...


  1. WOW...did you take that lighting photo. That is awesome!

  2. Love the lightening photo and your glow in the dark noise cancellers.

  3. I always wear my hearing protection now, but kinda late for me, years ago did not and, now have major hearing loss due to noise exposure.

  4. Smart move on using the ear protection. I would do the same! I love drag races....and use to attend more often when I was a young adult.

  5. Great shot of the lightning - hope you put those fancy ear muffs on for the Thunder!

    Congrats on your retirement anniversary!

  6. Keep working hard at retirement, great lightning photo