Friday, September 6, 2013

Always time to play...

When ever you run into Gwenny, all you have to do is ask her what she wants to do, and she will quickly answer "play" to you. Judy and I headed into Town this morning to take her and her brother over to the park, to give Mom a bit of a break.

Gwenny had to bring her Monkey over to the park, so he could take a turn going down this slide...

She had big problems lifting me on the teeter totter...

She had a big grip on that monkey for most of the morning...

Charlie just laid around and watched all the action... he gave up his "Mute Button" dummy, and picked up a pretty good looking new moustach I'd say!

Back at the RV this afternoon, I got into a maintenance routine again... think we were getting ready to go to Florida or something... Broke out the air compressor, and cleaned out our three major propane appliances, the furnace, the fridge, and the hot water tank. Lots of cob webs and debris manage to find their way behind the access covers it seems. Nice and clean now, ready to go!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I thought Gwenny's favourite word was 'nacks'?

    Get that rv ready John. The time is flying by.

  2. Gwenny and Charlie are looking as cute as ever - not so sure about "Pop-Pop"!!

    Good idea on the rig - I'll have to blast the cobwebs out of ours too.

  3. I think teeter tottering is as much fun for you as for Gwenny. Now Charlie seems to be patiently waiting for his turn. Great photos filled with just plain fun.

  4. Playtime is so much fun with the little ones, we enjoy it very much too.
    Rv maintenance is always a good thing. I al do it a fair bit, but with our camping style this year have been using all our appliances on propane so not much time for those spiders etc....