Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thunder on the Beach!

No time last night for blogging, as I made my somewhat annual trek over to the Town of Grand Bend, which is right on the shores of Lake Huron. No, I was not going over for a swim... it was time for Thunder on the Beach!

Every Labour Day long Weekend, the local Teemster's Union sponsor this event at the Grand Bend Motorplex.

This is a great complex that offers all kinds of different racing, but I was there for the Drags! Ya, this might be a guys type of blog, but there were sure a lot of Ladies driving the Dragsters this weekend!

I like this place, as you get to also just go out and walk through the pit area, and talk to the racers about their cars if you want! They are all willing to talk if they are not too busy fixing!

Grand Bend attracts all the big machines from the U.S. and Canada for this weekend as it has become very well known, and the racers earn points to help win their National Events.

I made it over to Grand Bend by 2:00 in the afternoon, and stayed to watch 2 full rounds of racing, getting home around 10:30 last night... it was worth it!

I could have come over with the RV, as for just $5.00 you could camp for the whole weekend, as many do. Might be a little noisy at night though...

The weather was terrific... a bit overcast and warm...perfect for racing. For those of you who want to get a better taste of the night, I have included a few videos I took below. They are all very short, and you soon get the idea of what was going on...

The first one above is of two Pro Modified Cars, that really move...

They had lots of modified "Rails" at the meet, here they do a bit of a burnout...

More pro mods...

Above are two nastalga Funny Cars, burning pure Nitro from the old days doing a burnout... They ran the quarter mile around 250 mph.

One of the highlights of the night were these two rocket trains! The Cannon Ball Express! Look at the guy from the track standing between them with the water hose in hand... he is trying to keep the pavement from melting behind the cars!

What a show these two put on for a really large crowd that had gathered... probably around 3,000 people watching I figured.

Great night that I really enjoyed!

Just a bit of shopping and taking life easy around here today. Judy and I enjoyed the annual Labour Day Turkey Dinner put on by the Park Owners tonight... it was good! Can't move!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Oooh! Loved the videos. Thanks. One of my favourite places. Ever.

  2. Honestly, any car racing makes me so nervous. I am always just waiting for an accident to happen. I can't calm down and enjoy the ride but glad you can.

  3. Lots of noise and excitement. sounds like fun

  4. Are you able to hear again? That noise must have been deafening.

    Nice videos (with the sound muted)!!

  5. Now, that would be a fun event to attend....and I would.