Thursday, September 5, 2013

We did the "Iron Horse"...

What a great day it was here in South West Ontario today... nothing but a bunch off sun, and mild temperatures, with very little wind... just perfect.

We decided to head back up to Kitchner/Waterloo today for a couple reasons... I wanted to do some shopping at Princess Auto, and we wanted to get our bicycles back into use! After some internet searching on the iPad, it was determined we would do the "Iron Horse"...

This trail was established in 1999. It is an old railway line, that used to cut through the city of Kitchener, running up to Waterloo. The Railway started using this line back around 1900, with service down to places like Prescot, Paris, Brantford, and Port Dover... they actually used an electric engine on the tracks at that time.

The Iron Horse Trail is now a 5 1/2 kilometer multi-use trail, allowing walking, bicycles, roller blades, etc... People were also using ebikes on the trail, but we won't go there on their allowed use.

Watch out... here comes Judy just burning up the trail on her CCM bike! (Proudly engineered in Canada, but made in China... the sticker says...)

The trail is very well used, but not too busy to bother you.

To keep the trail authentic, they had all kinds of different artifacs along the way, like the old section of track above, with an old train wheel.
Some kind of track press above... no description given as the plaque was missing from it.
This building had quite the old mural painted on it, remembering the old days...

This old press above was used to make signs for the railway, and the roads in the region.

We rode right by this brand new high rise Condo building going up... Judy noticed this big crane lifting one of the Hi-Jack Units up on the roof of the building, it was kind of neat to watch. The crane operater is way up there on the top of the crane, with a worker on the ground with a 2 way radio telling him what to do.

We biked a total of 6 1/2 miles today and had a great ride.

We stopped at Princess Auto, but they did not have what I wanted...

This chain of stores does carry just about everything you would ever need, but it did not have the air compressor I was looking for. I needed a new 12 volt compressor that is capable of filling the RV tires up to a 95 lb. cold pressure. I was a bit disappointed really...

However, on our way home we took the back roads back to Woodstock, and Judy mentioned that she saw a large Auto Parts Store in New Hamburg. Turns out it was McFarlane Auto Parts Plus, and they had exactly what I was looking for!

This unit you see in red on the left side of the picture, is the compressor made by Superflo. It is their model MV50 that sells for $86.00, and is a high volume pump that can put 120 lbs pressure in a tire in a hurry. It is capable of filling a standard car tire in less than 2 minutes! That is just my power box on the right, that is providing power to the pump as I tested it this afternoon. Works great, and should make keeping all our tires up to snuff easy!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What a wonderful trail. I am not sure how long it would take me to ride that trail. I would need to stop every few feet and look at all the stuff along the way.

  2. Love those trail in Waterloo, I used to ride some other trails from North Waterloo to downtown Kitchener to work years ago, love the area.
    Princess auto and Macfarlane Auto Parts really close to us here in Plattsville we drove by both yesterday as well but did not stop.
    Should have come into town on River road and stopped in.

  3. That's a nice compact looking air compressor.

    Great trail for riding your iron horses on.

  4. I too am surprised that you could not find that what you needed at Princess Auto. You succeeded though. Nice little compressor.

    The bike ride and that trail you featured seemed like a nice activity too.