Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gearing down...

Certainly a slower pace to life today, after a big day yesterday at the Apple Festival...

Sorry to disappoint Rick in yesterday's blog... the only apples we saw at Birtch Farms were the ones in the trees above...

To find iPhones, and iPads, and iPods in a tree would be silly... wouldn't it????

In the picture below, you will find a sure sign indicating the end of summer...

Yes, they closed up our pool for another season... a sad day indeed!

Spent some time this afternoon sorting through a neat set of screwdrivers that I recieved as a gift from Chris and Kristina and the kids for my birthday... I always seemed to be looking for a driver, and can never find the one I want. No longer!

They even supplied a nice carry all bag to keep the drivers in one place, where you know where they are!

Raining here tonight as I tap away on the keyboard... however our weather for the upcoming week looks pretty good.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yep the season is winding down, pools closing, leaves falling, and here grandkids playing hockey again.

  2. I'm loving the Xmas tree with all the Apple's - could you send me a cutting so I could plant one in my back yard??

    I think I've got that same Canadian Tire screwdriver set but I'll bet I still find a stupid screw that won't fit.

    Sad to see the pool close but you'll soon have a new one down south.

  3. Seems early to be closing down the pool but then again, it is quite likely that the regulars are gone for the season....other than you and Judy, that is!

    I'm sure you're planning your Florida journey once you get that screwdriver set sorted and stored.

  4. I also would love a slip off that tree to plant here in my yard...but I I won't be here to harvest...we're gearing up and loading up for florida :)...hopefully you will be soon also...