Saturday, September 7, 2013

How do I explain today...

Well, here is a great explanation... "RAIN"

It rained here pretty much all day, which certainly puts a damper on things that you want to do outside.

Ya, you might just say it was raining cats and dogs... however, we probably could use the rain, as it has been dry lately, so people with lawns and gardens still going will be happy.

Judy and I headed into Town today to do a bit of grocery shopping, as from time to time we get hungry. It was a perfect excuse to do some other shopping that I had planned on doing, and that was around cell phones. We currently deal with Bell Canada on our LG Smart Phone...

Living the kind of lifestyle we do, makes it always seem hard when it comes to phones and internet. Part of the reason is Companies keep changing their plans. For instance in Canada right now, they have all converted to 2 year plans. Our current 3 year plan will come due in April, right when we are in Florida.

Bell has certainly made changes to their plans this summer as well. Next is the problem of what to do when you go south of the border for the winter. Bell offers "The North American Plan" which we have used for 4 years now, allowing 250 minutes of talk time, 100 text messages and some limited data per month. We stopped at Tellus to see what they offered for comparison reasons.

They are one of the big 3 Cell Companies in Canada right now, but they have no solution for us in regards to going into the U.S.A. so they are out!

Another thing I wanted to do was find out about upgrading our phone. While I am happy with our LG Optimus Smartphone, I want more out of my phone than Windows can offer. Now that I have an iPad that we use a lot, it makes a lot more sense to have an iPhone to go with it! They are currently selling the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 5C will be out within a couple weeks. So, we will wait to see in October what kind of pricing they can offer on an upgrade. Might just be that we leave it till we come home... time will tell.

Now, speaking of iPads, today I solved a big mystery surrounding my iPad. I like to use it to follow blogs, but ran into problems with reading Ricks blog from out in BC. Rick made recent changes to the comment sectiion of his blog about a month ago. He is using Google+ now. When he made the change, right away my iPad was unable to leave a comment. Seems that Google+ gave the iPad some problems when presented with a text box. I looked on google and found out this is a common problem, with not a lot of fixes. However, a couple of weeks ago when I tried again to leave a comment, PRESTO, the iPad worked... what the ...??? After a couple days, it stopped working again... what the ...??? All seemed very strange to me. Problem solved today!

I figured out that if I have my Merkury Bluetooth Keyboard "linked" to my iPad, I can now leave a comment on his blog. If I disconnnect the keyboard, it will not let me leave a comment using the iPad's built in electronic keyboard. Go figure! Rick might be too busy to read comments now though, as he just bought himself a fancy new Dell Computer running Windows 8 with the nice touch screen! That will keep him going for a while!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We got our I phone 4 last year and love it. I have my Macbook pro now 4 years and love it too.
    Computers can be frustrating devices at time.

  2. I have absolutely no idea why you can't leave a comment on my blog unless you have the bluetooth keyboard linked. But, heck, if it works why argue. Good work in finding a solution to another computer mystery!

    Dealing with Bell, Telus and Rogers (The 3 Stooges of Cellular) can be frustrating and confusing.

    There are way, way too many conditions and weird practices for my liking.

  3. And people wonder why I get so frustrated with computers. Just glad you figured out how to "fix" the problem.

  4. The computer gremlins you are dealing with with respect to Google + is symptomatic of cross platform issues between PC and MAC hardware and software. Attaching the keyboard is a nice solution to the problem though!