Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hey... Summer is Back!!!

We will take 24 deg. C. and nothing but sun anytime, let alone September 18th! What a great day it was here...we made sure we got out to enjoy it!

Judy was into Town this morning to get fit at exercise class, while I stayed out at the RV and did some get ready work. We have a small 8 X 8 metal shed on our lot, and you would think it was 16 X 16 the way I try to pack stuff into it! This morning I pulled everything out, resorted, got rid of, and repacked the shed! There! All set for when we take off this winter! I had been wanting to do this job all summer, so it feels good to getter done!

We wanted to get exercise this afternoon, so off we were to the Lake Pittock Trail. Trees still pretty green here!


Judy is walking on the trail using her poles... She is taking a walking class and they use them to help burn additional calories!

That is a large campground on the far side of the lake... no boats out today!

There are the results for you... just over a 37 minute walk to walk the 3.59 klm. path. We walk it up and back as it is not a circle trail, but it is sure nice walking right along side the lake as you can see from the map shot off of "Runmeter", our iPhone walking App.

Till tomorrow...


  1. I'm sure it felt great to empty and re-stack the stuff in the shed. I get those urges too and I like the results.

    Nice weather in Ontario land. We're off and on here with intermittent clouds between sun!

  2. Where is the before and after photo of the shed. You expect us to take your word for it that it is better? You don't know us very

  3. It was an awesome day here to in New Hamburg, I helped out the inlaws, cleaning windows, just like a good son-in-law should do.

  4. Sheds and storage places never seem big enough or neat enough. It's a constant shuffling process.

    Judy needs some snow to really get going with those poles!