Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A visit to Waterloo Park...

Back last month, Judy and I went to Waterloo Park to visit Deb and Gerard, as Deb was playing her French Horn in the Park. Right away we knew we had to bring Gwenny and Charlie here to visit with the animals.

The land for this park was set aside back in 1895 believe it or not! It used to be a farm property, but now is a great park, centrally located in Waterloo, just down the road from Waterloo University.

I am sure the people who built this old Mill Style Building did not think it would one day sit the shadow of a monster Office Building in Waterloo... seemed kind of funny.

Back in 1964 the City of Waterloo set up a pen enclosure in the park to hold 4 deer. Seemed the idea has stuck over the years, and they now have a bit of a zoo going on in the park. People seem to love it!

I was able to stick my smart phone through the link in the fence to get a shot of the llamas...

All the animals were very calm, and certainly used to a lot of young kids looking at them.


They have a great collection of different birds...

This guy above was strutting around like he owned the place of course...

Things were nice and calm until hurricane Gwenny hit the park... she was ready to roll today!


Gwenny just loved this park and we could not keep her off this slide above, along with playing in the sand... lots of kids her own age out today, as of course, all the older ones are in school.

Gwenny rode any toy she could... it was a perfect day weather wise as well.

I made up the picnic lunch today, and we enjoyed it here...

Charlie didn't get to play on any of the toys, however he just laid around looking good! He was in a great mood all day, as was Gwenny! They always are! Maybe that has something to do with Mommy and Daddy???

The kids really liked this pond full of gold can see them.

This is the original School House in this area, dating back to 1835! No School here today though...

Abraham ERB, bought the original 900 acres that Waterloo was built on in 1805, and of course, opened a saw mill, and then a grist mill. Tell me if you have heard this story before around this area... every town it seems started around a mill of some sort.

Spent the whole day here, simply having a blast!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I love the zoo...any zoo really. It is so much fun to go with little ones. Looks like y'all had a fabulous time.

  2. That is a great little park for kids - and adults too.

    Great pics of Gwenny and Charlie, they sure look happy and why not!

  3. Nice to see the park still going there, it was quite a zoo in the mid 70's probably the last time I went there with my kids, they too old for that now.

  4. That was a perfect family based activity in a a great park. The outdoor lunch was a treat too, no doubt. Good fun!