Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Must be Indian Summer...

This week our weather looks like it could easily be the middle of July, rather than the end of September. It was a beautiful sunny day here in the mid 20's, so kind of nice.

This morning I was off into Woodstock for a Dr.'s appointment, with yet another one tomorrow morning to have a new set of orthotics made to fit my size 10's. I have fallen arches, so good orthotics are a must to be able to walk anywhere.

Kristina was out at the RV for a couple minutes dropping Judy off and caught me up on the roof of the RV. I was taking some water that accumulated on the slide out toppers off, along with a bunch of fall leaves.

This afternoon Judy and I took a nice motorcycle ride over to the London area using out back roads. It was a great day for a ride! When we got back to Woodstock we went down to the Standard Tube Trail for a late afternoon walk... all was going good until..................


Houston...We have a problem! As you can see, this elevated section of the raised board walk was flooded out. We had a lot of rain the past week, and this area is low, down by the Thames River. We had no choice but to turn around and head back the way we came, as we did not have the kayaks with us!

Why am I showing you a picture of the bathroom door handles? Well, because we had a problem today! Five minutes before we have to leave to go to the Dr.'s Office this morning, Judy is using the washroom and yells out to me that she can't get out! I said "what?"...

Our door hardware had actually broken, and the door could not open. It simply wore out, and chose this time to break! Your kidding! I had to pass a Robertson's Screwdriver under the door to Judy, who was able to take the hardware apart, and eventually we were able to force the door open. You see the nice new set that I bought at Home Depot today, that I installed. Always something when you live in an RV. Good thing Judy is not clostrophobic as an RV washroom is not real big!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We had friends that got locked in their 5er. The hardware did the same thing. Jim had to climb out the window and take the door apart from the outside. They couldn't go anyway until the door was fixed. Crazy.

  2. Just thinking about being locked in an rv bathroom makes me queasy! At least those bathroom doors usually have a lot of space at the top or bottom so the passing of tools (should it become necessary) wouldn't be too hard. Although such a situation might be an opportunity to collect a nice ransom - NOT!!

  3. Someday ask me about the time I got locked in the 5er shower, Kim had left town and I was naked.

  4. Hmmmm...maybe it's a good thing our 5'er bathroom has 2 doors!!

    I'm surprised you didn't deploy the James Bond Water Wings on your motorcycle to get over that creek.