Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another trip in the books...

Yes, we are back in Woodstock tonight, after a two day trip up to Orillia and area. We visited my Mom up in Orillia, and helped her out with a few things, one of them being a broken CD/DVD drive. Had to buy a new one for her, turned out having to buy an external USB Drive but it works great! Yes, she is over 90, and continues to use her computer for a whole bunch of different things daily! Why not!

No, I don't think my Mom owns a hammer...lol

Mom took Judy and I out for lunch at her favourite Restaurant, Swiss Chalet, to celebrate my birthday from last week. We had a great lunch, sitting and talking for a long time!

In the afternoon, we headed towards Alliston to visit long time Friends, Pat and John.

They have a beautiful Farm just outside Alliston, as you can see, the weather was perfect!


John and his Brother, Scott, farm a lot of land in this area, and have for years now. Pat had a fantastic dinner set up for us last night. We enjoyed great company, and got caught up with all that happened with them since we last saw them down in Florida last winter. This morning, I got to check out John and Pat's new toy!


They just recently picked up this real nice 2006, Mazda Miata! John took me for a spin this morning, and yes, we had the top down. What a machine... they recently took it on a little run down to Nashville, Tennessee. They said they drove the whole way with top down... I would have too!

Till tomorrow...


  1. My Dad used a computer up until his death at the age of 90. I think that is such a great thing. The car is sure pretty.

  2. Nice trip to visit with mom and your friends. I do like that 2006 Miata. Nice! So is the farm!

  3. Great that your mom is still using her computer my ma and is 86 and doing quite well on hers too.
    A nice area around Alliston, just love farm country.

  4. That Miata is sure cute.
    I think it's pretty cool that anyone older than well....me, can get good use out of a computer. They are a bit more user friendly since the days of our old Commodore 64.

  5. Glad to hear your Mom is willing to plunge into the online world of computers. All the extra interests at her age are a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

    Swiss Chalet was always my Mom and Dad's favourite restaurant as well.

    Sweet lookin' Miata!