Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Time to get back to the books!

Every Tuesday, right after Labour Day, it is time to get back to School! Today was no different around here...

When Shawn and Kristina were growing up, and attending school, Judy had a tradition where she took pictures of he kids heading off to School on the first day of the new year. It seems this tradition continues at Shawn and Jenn's house, as they posted these pictures today of Emmie and Paige heading off to Kindergarten.

Two sisters ready to go...
Don't feel bad Emmie... we had rain here in Woodstock this morning also...

Paige gets to go to Pre-School this year, and is looking forward to it!

Great to see the girls doing well, and I am sure they will have an excellent year at School!

We just ran some errands in Town this morning, and visited quickly with Gwenny and Charlie...and Kristina of course! This afternoon I got the hose and bucket out and washed down the RV. Had to get all the dirt off that we accumulated from our recent big road trip over to Ottawa and area. Nice and clean now!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Well isn't that a trio of beauty. Hope they all have a wonderful fun year.

  2. Nice to see everybody heading back to school and enjoying it, not so much for me way back then.
    Wish we could wash our coach here, but the water is way too hard.

  3. Although many feel trepidation, it is still fun to witness the excitement kids feel when it's time to return to school. Good fun!

  4. Emmie and Paige look impossibly cute heading off to school.

    It's funny, I don't remember ever being that happy looking about going off to school.