Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday...back to work!

Never did get a chance to blog yesterday... simply too busy out and about. I actually spent the afternoon out with David, (Chris' Dad) golfing! David and I went golfing earlier this summer. We golfed at Woodstock Meadows which is a nice local course, and of course for my Judicial Health, I kind of let David beat me by a couple strokes, as he is an Ontario Superior Court Judge! Well, OK, he beat me fair and square, but he did have an advantage as he just bought a new set of Callaway Golf Clubs! He wanted to try them out.

They are kind of neat, in that they now include 3 different hybrid clubs that are newer to the golf scene. I have a hybrid 3 iron and I love it.

Today, was a back to work day for sure. Judy did all the RV cleaning this morning, while I took on the job of defrosting our Dometic Fridge. This is about a 6 month job, as you have to rid the freezer of a bunch of built up ice inside. Takes a couple hours by the time I wash it all down to make it shiny white again inside.

Went for a nice hike this afternoon, as I wanted to try out a new Cardio App I downloaded on the iphone, called Digfit. Here is what the screen looked like when we were finished.


Another great day for a walk as our temperatures have been great the past few days, and this week looks like more of the same.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Still loving this weather we are having.
    Its that time getting that last minutes cleaning done before we begin out southern migration.

  2. Almost get the impression the clean up is with a view to prepare for the journey south.

    Interesting app!

  3. Yeah, you're right, it's the new clubs that beat you. I know, it happens to me all the time.