Friday, September 27, 2013

A day in "The Big Smoke..."

It sure was a nice day, even if I had to spend it in Toronto... I drove Tom down to Toronto East General Hospital for some tear duct surgery today that went very well for him!

The Hospital is on Coxwell Ave. and is a very busy place. We ended up here all day. Now, I did get to drive Tom down in his Corvette, so that was a blast!


After lunch I decided to go for a walk as it was so nice out. I walked due south on Coxwell until I hit Lake Ontario! Above I looked right at Queen St. And could see the C.N. Tower...

Found a Marina down at the Lake.

A big empty beach only had one guy with his metal detector.

It was a 4 klm. walk that took 45 minutes to complete, then turned around to head back. I love watching the Electric Trolleys that still run Queen Street.

This had to win the contest of the weirdest house on Coxwell! Very different!

Hanging in here again tonight, then hitting the road back to Woodstock tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...


  1. What a weird looking house. I guess there wasn't a neighbourhood association around when that one, with paint job, was planned.

    Tear duct surgery? I'd be crying too if you were driving my Corvette!

  2. Nice to drive the corvette for a treat.
    I was born at the Toronto East General Hospital and we lived near Coxwell and Gerrard in the early 1950s, then Scarborough.
    1980 and 81 lived in the Upper beaches and spent many days on the boardwalks walking and bike riding there along Lake Ontario.
    Loved taking the street cars and subways around the city, so efficient they were.

  3. It was of you to sacrifice a tough day at the wheel of a Corvette to drive your good friend to the hospital.

    Nice pix around Toronto; the skyline and the beach....but that odd coloured home appears to have been dropped in from St. John's Newfoundland.