Monday, September 9, 2013

So... Loyalty does matter!

Another great day here weather wise, with lots of sun and nice and warm today... tomorrow they are talking about it going up to 33 deg. C. Yikes! Bring it on!

Well, after mashing all the numbers around regarding our cell phone and iPad plans, and after researching what Telus and Rogers have to offer us, we determined it would best work out if we simply upgraded our existing phone with Bell, and start a new plan.

Yes, we got the iPhone 5 on an upgrade.... love it so far!

When we talked to them in the Bell Woodstock Office, they recommended we call Bell to see if they would do anything in regards to our upgrade fees. Ask for the "loyalty department" the agent told us. So we did!

After an update of our situation, the Loyalty Dept. soon waived the $35.00 admin fee, cut the upgrade on the device fee by $50.00 and cut the new plan pricing by $15.00 a month! The new plan is way better than what we have now, and we no longer need a separate iPad account for data, it is all included on the iPhone account! We also share our data between the iPhone and iPad now... all is good! In the long run we will save money, and have a nice new iPhone.

So, long and short... you have to ask for breaks, or you won't get them!

This afternoon Judy and I took a walk around the Standard Tube Trail to get our exercise, and I was playing just a bit with the new phone of course, trying out the camera.

Judy was just heading out getting impatient with me, as I was walking and playing with the camera, and taking pictures...etc...etc...etc...

The flowers are still out on the trail...

These pictures ended up being low res pics, as I was having problems getting them put on the cloud... still working on that, so ended up emailing them to my iPad to get onto Blogsy...etc...etc...etc...

Man, that is one weird bend in this tree...

Tonight, Judy treated me out to dinner, as this coming Wednesday is my big "Bday"... we went out to Montana's... it was good!

Well, gotta go play with my new toy some more...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Way to go on the great new plan. Love it when the consumer actually wins one.

  2. Will wonders ever cease? A price break...good for you two.

    I love that tree. So cool!

  3. Good deal on the I-phone, like you said loyalty pays it has worked for us for years.

  4. Good deal on the iPhone 5, John, and you aren't missing out on much with today's expected iPhone 5s announcement (heck, I've still got an ancient iPhone 4)!! The iPhone 5 is a great device.

    The trick to managing photos on Apple devices is understanding PhotoStream and how it works. It can be confusing at first but once understood it's pretty darned good.

  5. Sounds to me like you negotiated a pretty darned good deal. Saving a few bucks and getting some really good cell phone technology is great. I bet you are enjoying all the features already.