Monday, September 23, 2013

Phew... what a whirlwind trip that was...

Yes, at 8:30 this evening, we arrived back at the RV in Woodstock, after a whirlwind of a trip to Ottawa. We had a blast, every minute of it! Never had time to blog, and that is life when you are on the run!

When we drove over last Saturday it rained the whole 7 hour drive! The Jeep was drenched, but kept on ticking! As we neared Ottawa, we were invited to head over to Shawn and Jenn's friends place, to celebrate Sophie's 3rd Birthday!

That is Jenn, holding Sophie while they survey the birthday cupcakes and other sundry wonderful deserts we had! Carrie, (on the extreme right) did a fantastic job of cooking up a great lasagne dinner for everyone along with all the homemade deserts! You had to be there!


The kids got to eat first of course! They were not too pumped up!

Sophie got a new Big Girls Bed for her birthday, so Paige and Emmie were helping to break it in... sure is a lot of blurr going on with all that jumping!

On Sunday we all had a great time. We spent the morning in the house just enjoying all the Company with everyone, while the two girls yet had another birthday party for a couple hours in the afternoon. I helped Shawn put the swimming pool away for the winter... too busy to take pictures of that, but I also found time to lounge in his hot tub for a while!

After the Party, we all headed out to Montanas for dinner, and then we headed over to the large Theatre Complex in Kanata to take in the new movie, Dispicable Me 2. This is the one with the minions! It was a lot of fun for all!

Shawn and Jenn were off to work today, Emmie was off to School, but Paige was home all day, so Judy and I stayed with her until Jenn finished up work this afternoon. We had fun playing with Paige all day, including taking her to the park.

It was overcast in Ottawa this morning, but things improved as the day grew older.

We left Ottawa around 2:30, and made our fastest trip home ever! Only 6 hours! That compares to 9 1/2 the last time we came home a month ago with the motorhome! It all depends on what is going on in Toronto!

Anyhow, too tired to blog much more, on with the new week!

Till tomorrow...


  1. We are back in the land of the living. Going to try to catch up on everyone's posts.

    Looks like y'all love to party! Keep the good times rolling.

  2. The granddaughters are looking as good and happy as ever.

    I'll say it again, you and Judy are party animals. I don't think I could ever keep up that pace.

  3. Yep you sure did a whirlwind trip, have done that rip many times, but not so much anymore.
    Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Although 'whirlwind', your Ottawa trip was worthwhile. To play with grand kids and spend time with the big kids is always fun.

    That was one fat return trip though! The jeep was in serious overdrive, eh?