Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ooooppsss... kind of blew that one...

Seems yesterday I got carried away telling everyone about the Farm Show, and how there was no entrance fee to get in. Well, we were driving down there today to take in the show and Judy was punching away on the new iPhone, and well, it seems they do charge $17.00 each to get in! Well, we didn't need to see all those tractors that bad!

Beautiful day here.. just a bit overcast today but really warm. We stopped in to see the kids for a bit this morning, and did a bunch of shopping.


As you can see in the video, Charlie was on a roll again... should be walking

This afternoon we got out for a walk on the Standard Tube Trail to get some exercise. I downloaded a new App for that, so check it out! It is called "Runmeter".



You can see on the map where we were walking along the Thames River. This is the screen you see on the phone while out walking or running with this App. Next you will see the summary of the walk.

It keeps track of all your walks and puts in all in a graph if you want, and post it to Facebook if you feel hard enough that the world needs to know this... Kind of turns you phone into a GPS.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Either the name of the app is embedded some where in this blog or I am blind. Could you give me a heads up on the name. Excellent app.

  2. I'll have to tell Paul and Marsha that they're going blind as you did name the app - "Runmeter". Looks pretty good.

    So, Charlie's showing off again eh? What a guy! Talk about putting pressure on to get my little man rolling over! Wont' be long, I'll bet.

  3. I was thinking about the Woodstock farm show too, but like you dais $17.00 not for us.
    We have been there years ago and enjoyed it , but not that much!

  4. Oh my. I like tractors and such, but seventeen bucks? Maybe I'll just look at pictures.