Monday, April 19, 2010

After Play Day, comes "Work Day!"

Yes, today was work day. Well, we did sleep in a little this morning, but we took the motorhome into Shawn and Jenn's House, in order to do some washing with the pressure washer.When we arrived, Shawn and I took some old boards off his front deck, to be replaced with new ones, and then washed the deck in order to prepare for painting. While we did this, Judy was entertaining Emmie in the motorhome.... Emmie came to visit with Patra while we were working outside.

Emmie found a few spare toys to play with inside also....

Took a while, but I got the motorhome all cleaned up, including a session on the roof to get it back into shape for summer. Worked away all afternoon, on a few different jobs. Time seems to fly! Just before supper, Emmie and I were digging in the garden just for something to do.

Here I am showing baby Paige how good I am at holding her. Mom was visiting the neighbours and I was trying to amuse baby Paige.... worked for a while.... I am getting better !

Till tomorrow....

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