Sunday, April 18, 2010

Play Day!

It was a bit cooler today in Tennessee, however it was nice and sunny so that sure makes up for it. We were in to see the Hollinger's early this morning for breakfast made by Shawn! Would you trust your Dr. to make your breakfast?

After breakfast it was play day for the kids. We did lots and ended up going to see the neighbours new puppy dog, "Lucy". Here are a couple videos! Hope they work for you... just click on the play button in the middle and they should start up!

When we got to the house this morning, Emmie was all dressed up in her Princess gear, so of course you have to Dance to Taylor Swift's Princess Song!

Here is Grannie dancing with Emmie to the Princess song!

Yes, it was play day, and here Shawn, Grannie and Emmie are playing pop corn, on the trampoline. One person curls up like a piece of pop corn, and then everyone else jumps until the pop corn person pops! Guess who was the pop corn in this shot?

Here is Kara with her dog Buba, and that is little Lucy next to Buba... They only rescued Lucy yesterday from the pound... she is part Hound, so get ready for the "howling"......

Lucy was always on the move, so it was hard to get a good picture....

Meanwhile, Emmie thought it was time to get her fancy Jeep out for a run on a nice spring day!

She was good at pressing the gas, but Her steering needs work.

It was real hot on Saturday, so Emmie wanted to go swimming in her pool.... Pop Pop had to go swimming with her, until the neighbours showed up and saved me! Here is Fisher and Molly enjoying the sunny afternoon with Emmie.

Emmie had to get the soccer ball out and well and show me the fine art of kicking the ball!

All this playing is wearing me out! Emmie seems to have endless energy, that is for sure!

Till tomorrow....

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