Friday, April 23, 2010

Now that is one fancy car....

Kind of a slow day today... it was raining this morning so we just slept in, it was nice... We did not do much, Shawn had to work this afternoon at the Hospital and with rain in the forecast we cancelled work on the deck today. Went in and had dinner with the kids tonight and that was about it for the day! Nice to be retired!
The other day Tom R. sent me a few pictures of his new Vette. WOW.... what a car....
He had an older one, and I guess spring got the best of him, and he bought this 2006 Vette.

I figure this car is just like our RV.... yeah.... they both probably cost about the same amount of money..... Tom tells me it has 400 horse or so, well, OK, he has about 75 more than the motorhome, he says it goes 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds.... OK, so it is a bit faster than the motorhome, and he says it is real easy to "burn rubber".... well, I have burnt dinner a number of times in the motorhome.... yup, just about the same!

Anyways... nice car Tom, we will be up soon to see it, and Judy says she wants to drive!

Till tomorrow...

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