Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Work continues... the end is in sight!

It rained this morning and most of last night. When we got up around 8:00 it stopped and soon the sun started breaking through the clouds, tuned into not a bad day.
We went for a walk around the park this morning before heading into see the kids and took some pictures. Everything is in bloom.

I started working on the back deck with the pressure washer again, wanting to get it finished up today.... I did. Judy got to work helping Jenn inside and taking some pictures... of Emmie of course!

Hard at work on the deck.... doing this job you get to take about 3 more showers during the day!

Judy got this shot of both the kids ....

Shawn and Jenn had invited one of the Dr.'s that Shawn works with, to come to dinner. Dr. Britney and Derek are a real nice couple and they just had a little baby boy just 6 weeks ago, so we had lots of kids in the house tonight for a great dinner.

Tomorrow is another big work day.... we are going to paint the entire back deck... lots of fun!

Till tomorrow...

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