Thursday, April 15, 2010

Late night post! We arrive in Johnson City, Tn.

We were on the road at 8:00 a.m. this morning, and made it to Johnson City by about 3:00 this afternoon, and that took into account that we lost another hour today.... we are now on Eastern Standard Time!

First thing we did was get set up in the Warrior's Path State Park. We pulled in and found no one in the Ranger's Booth, so we drove into the park and found our same site from last fall open, so we just set up on it! The park is quite full of people, we were surprised! Turns out it is Spring Break here for all the kids, so all the families are out camping with the nice warm weather.

No pictures tonight, it is too late.... sorry.... Tomorrow though, we will have great pictures to show you, as Judy and I jumped on the motorcycles and headed into visit Emmie and Paige! Well, Shawn and Jenn too.... The Kids are doing well... Emmie is growing and talking like a weed! Little Paige is giving Mom and Dad a bit of a hard time, but she seemed not too bad tonight for us... buy hey, we are Pop Pop and Grannie!

It rained here tonight, just as we got into their house, so we ended up ordering in Pizza and had a big Pizza Party tonight!

Jenn's Brother Ryan was out of Hospital today, however her Father had to go into Hospital this afternoon, so Jenn and Shawn are keeping tabs on happenings in Oakville.

Shawn and Jenn have to take little Paige into the Clinic tomorrow morning, so Judy and I have to be into at their house for 8:00 bells, so we can babysit Emmie! I will have to bone up on my babysitting skills! Good thing Grannie will be there!

Well time for bed. We all watched Montreal beat the Caps tonight in OT no less!

Till tomorrow...

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